Sunday, 27 May 2012

Philippine Fashion Week


So i have been scrolling through images these past few days from @PhFashionweek which is currently on at the moment. May 22nd - 27th.
Normally this time of the year i am usually there to enjoy fashion festivities and huge sales that are on, but I'm unfortuantely at home freezing cold, longingly staring at my computer screen. 

1. Anthony Ramirez, Tailored blazer in a lemon pastel colour and just the touch of print on the shoulders.
2. Veejay Floresca, mixing a boyish charm with beautiful flowing silks.
3. Philipp Tampus, not that i will ever have somewhere to wear a gown like this, but it makes me stop and just admire the intricate details, and time that went into this piece.
4. Julia Villamonte, architect and fashion blogger. I saw this snap shot that was taken of her after a show, and wish i could ask her where she got that necklace! 

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