Sunday, 3 June 2012

Blazer fun

A busy week full of catch ups. Finally able to see everyone (except for Dani), you don't realise how long you haven't seen each other till you actually sit down and start talking about all the happenings since we last saw each other. 

So a bon voyage dinner, movies and gossip...well not that much gossip.
I hope my two amazing friends are having a blast in London! I want to see lots of happy snaps :)

Even though its now officially winter and cold. I'm usually layering up with jumpers and coats to keep my warm, i could not help but purchase this blazer. I have been wanting a bold print blazer for a while, with no luck i kind of gave up the search, till i saw this Sunnygirl one on Saturday. When i look at it, i picture spring time!
But for now, i can pair it with my Lee jeans and a cream knitted top and some ankle boots. That was one of the easiest Saturday night outfits to date! 


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