Saturday, 30 June 2012

New leather leggings and ring

Heading out for the usual Saturday shop and lunch date with mum, i wanted to road test my new ring... Yes i did survive and didn't poke out my eye, which i did think would have happened.
I just love that its quirky and weird, is that strange to like something purely because its weird looking?

After shopping, which mind you i didn't plan on doing any of this weekend, i have a super cute floral number I'm definitely going to have to take happy snaps of. 
I am now officially banning myself from shopping!! 


After my mini mission of trying to find and then purchase these leggings, I'm defiantly happy with them. Technically i was looking at buying actual leather pants, but scrapped that idea when i saw the price. But these ones really do look like they are leather! 

Anyway my ring, cuff and leggings are all from Lucy in the Sky. My staple black ankle boots which i have worn to death, but are so comfy are from Wittner
Watch is by Loyal and it is probably one of the best investments I've made as the face of the watch does not scratch at all, and is made from sapphire harden glass. 
The knit jumper was i think, purchased from Morocco at Westfield.

Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday as well.


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