Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ombre Nails - Nail Art

This is last weeks nail art efforts of my first attempt at creating an Ombre effect. I had seen an image online of white and blue ombre nails which obviously inspired me to attempt it myself.

It took me a few practice attempts to first find a colour combination i was happy with. And just practicing sponging it on and how much nail polish to use.

So if you want to give it a go, all you need is two nail polish colours, one obviously needs to be darker than the other, and then something to apply the ombre effect with. I used a piece of sponge (which i stole from the kitchen) and cut a small piece off, you could use a small makeup sponge if you have one spare.

Just paint your nails as normal with one colour, and make sure they are completely dry before you start to sponge on the second colour. Take your small sponge, and dab a bit of you second colour onto the end of it. I also had a blank bit of paper to sponge off the excess nail polish close by, as usually the first couple of dabs are quite heavy. I started on my pinky as my theory was by the time i reached my thumb i should be good at sponging the colour on. 

Now when your done make sure again, its completely dry and apply two coats of a good quality top coat, that way you know it's going to last long and preserve all that hard work you have just done to paint your nails.


Sunday, 29 July 2012

August street - Staple the label

Weekend purchases, make me super excited that all the stores are starting with there spring fashion, (even though its still winter).
Ive already made my floral and neon yellow purchases, so it looks like I've moved on to orange.
But these loose flowing collared shirts are my new 'thing', if that can even be a thing?

Even more exciting is that the David Jones near me are actually stocking the new label August{street}. If you were a fan of Socialight like me, then you will love this brand too. 

They are also stocking Staple the label which i was surprised to find. So i bought this crisp white collared top, which features some shoulder cut out detailing.

Yay finally some awesome new labels i can spend my hard earned money on.

This was the outfit i wanted to buy from Staple, but they had already sold out in my size! Ahh...

Plus, Mimco was having a sale while i was there as well!!
Now i can tell i am forever going to be broke...
but ill have nice clothes right?
ha ha


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Black with Gold

A tad monochromatique on the weekend with blacks, white's and grey. Kind of how the weather is lately, I'm so over the cold!
I can't remember how many layers i had on, on Saturday night. For some strange reason we seem to go out more in winter than in summer? We should really change that.
But i guess all my winter knits are getting a good work out.

This Country Road knit is probably one of my warmest and favourites, and i have layered it over my staple Sass & Bide jeans and white tee. 
Jeans and a t-shirt, simple. 

My theory is black with gold, and white with silver. Don't know why, I'm sure that's just me and my randomness. 
So i have to show off my new spiked bracelet, curtsey of Lucy in the Sky and I'm regretting not buying the gold one previously, and the gold studded leather cuff from Witchery and my black and gold watch by Loyal

Sensing a theme here? I think i have a lot of black, even my cherished Oroton bag is black and gold. And to top it off, when i saw these two rings in Lovisa while shopping i obviously had to buy them...it went with my outfit! 
That was my excuse for making the purchase.


Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I now have a Tumblr blog ,for all those inspiring and amazing images that i come across.
So i'd love for you to check it out


Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Bardot Outfit

You would think by now i have enough printed pants right?....
Clearly no is the answer, but its not my fault. A Bardot store just opened up near me and i obviously have to by stuff!

So above are the products of my weekend shopping, which was kind of perfect timing as i needed an outfit on Saturday night. 

Bardot - Lemon yellow asymmetrical top, and floral printed ombre pants which i love! Citrus yellow is going to be everywhere soon, so at least i can get in some wear now, and then through into Spring. 
With the outfit i wore Topshop heels, and paired it back with a black fitted Blazer.

I have also been meaning to stock up on my perfume collection, as its starting to run low. My theory was to wait till i can buy them in duty free, when i go on holidays. But at the price i paid for this Fandi by Fendi box set, I'm pretty sure even duty free couldn't match it!

You gotta love a sale


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Daisy

Sunshine on a chilled Sunday. Now I'm all depressed i have to go back to work. Sorry to the two girls who just come back from Europe, guess I'm not as depressed as you guys are! Haha

I was super excited with my purchase of this Daisy by Marc Jacobs - petite on the go perfume. Its so super cute and is the perfect size to chuck in my handbag. It looks so summery in that picture, it makes me smile.


Because is was sunny today i obviously found myself being drawn to the sunlight, and standing there warming up when i noticed the shadows being cast across me. As you can see i took some happy snaps, wearing my Witchery jeans and flats. The top is by Uscari and ring from Lovisa, and my trusty striped cardigan is be Beehive.