Sunday, 29 July 2012

August street - Staple the label

Weekend purchases, make me super excited that all the stores are starting with there spring fashion, (even though its still winter).
Ive already made my floral and neon yellow purchases, so it looks like I've moved on to orange.
But these loose flowing collared shirts are my new 'thing', if that can even be a thing?

Even more exciting is that the David Jones near me are actually stocking the new label August{street}. If you were a fan of Socialight like me, then you will love this brand too. 

They are also stocking Staple the label which i was surprised to find. So i bought this crisp white collared top, which features some shoulder cut out detailing.

Yay finally some awesome new labels i can spend my hard earned money on.

This was the outfit i wanted to buy from Staple, but they had already sold out in my size! Ahh...

Plus, Mimco was having a sale while i was there as well!!
Now i can tell i am forever going to be broke...
but ill have nice clothes right?
ha ha


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