Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Bardot Outfit

You would think by now i have enough printed pants right?....
Clearly no is the answer, but its not my fault. A Bardot store just opened up near me and i obviously have to by stuff!

So above are the products of my weekend shopping, which was kind of perfect timing as i needed an outfit on Saturday night. 

Bardot - Lemon yellow asymmetrical top, and floral printed ombre pants which i love! Citrus yellow is going to be everywhere soon, so at least i can get in some wear now, and then through into Spring. 
With the outfit i wore Topshop heels, and paired it back with a black fitted Blazer.

I have also been meaning to stock up on my perfume collection, as its starting to run low. My theory was to wait till i can buy them in duty free, when i go on holidays. But at the price i paid for this Fandi by Fendi box set, I'm pretty sure even duty free couldn't match it!

You gotta love a sale


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