Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Daisy

Sunshine on a chilled Sunday. Now I'm all depressed i have to go back to work. Sorry to the two girls who just come back from Europe, guess I'm not as depressed as you guys are! Haha

I was super excited with my purchase of this Daisy by Marc Jacobs - petite on the go perfume. Its so super cute and is the perfect size to chuck in my handbag. It looks so summery in that picture, it makes me smile.


Because is was sunny today i obviously found myself being drawn to the sunlight, and standing there warming up when i noticed the shadows being cast across me. As you can see i took some happy snaps, wearing my Witchery jeans and flats. The top is by Uscari and ring from Lovisa, and my trusty striped cardigan is be Beehive.


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