Monday, 27 August 2012

Muscle tee's and denim

I have been doing well, with not buying any clothes for the past 2 weeks! 
Trust me it was pretty hard and i am super proud of myself that i bought this tee from Lucy in the Sky which isn't really a big purchase? So a new pair of jeans counts more as buying something new... But jeans is a staple and Lee Denim have a new light colour pair out that will be a great colour for spring/summer.

I bought this muscle tee as i know it will be great in summer with a pair of ripped denim shorts, but in the mean time i can layer it up with my denim shirt, witchery jacket and leather pants to complete the look. Taking happy snaps before i head out for Sunday lunch dates.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Michael Kors Watch

I finally got myself a Michael Kors watch, which i had been wanting forever. Except i actually wanted a gold watch, but some how ended up purchasing a rose gold!? Oops 

I can only wear it on rotation, as my mum has claimed the rights to my watch saying 'well you did want a gold one, so i can have this one'. Seriously i hadn't even worn it yet and she has already found a place for it in her draw!! ... Typical

Now i need to save all over again for another watch.
But as you can see i snuck the watch out for the afternoon, so i could take it for a test drive!!

I'm also wearing a hand made beaded bracelet, and gold large link bracelet from Lovisa

Monday, 13 August 2012

Latest Instagraming

I couldn't decided what colour to paint my nails this weekend.

Way too many to choose from, i literally have a box full of nail polishes. 

So i went with my trusty Chanel black, with a touch of gold!


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Peach Tailoring & Marble Print Pants

Back to my printed pants obsession, oh that reminds me i forgot to take a pic of a crazy cool pair i got from country road. I shall try to do that next time..

...but for the mean time, check out the orange marble printed pair i picked up from Staple the Label
They are really light weight so they'll be great in summer too!

The white shirt with shoulder detailing is from August {street}which i bought purely for the tails on the back haha. 

While being excited over finding these pants i got distracted by the peach tailored shorts, and then the jacket both by Staple the Label. And as they clearly match i naturally had to get both.

But i am now officially banning myself from anymore shopping, till...Well maybe instead of picking a date i should take one day at a time!


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Witchery Spring 2012

My first couple of purchase's from Witchery's new Spring season.

Cannot wait till it warms up to wear these babies!!

The neon orange is so eye catching, and I'm sure we will be seeing a lot of this colour in the coming months.

And i just love the piano pleating.

If only i looked as stunning as Miranda Kerr in this dress!

*Image from David Jones Summer 2012 campaign shoot.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

White Skulls & Mimco

I had been looking for something to wear with my white watch for a while, as i usually wear my black watch all the time. Plus wearing black bracelets is just too easy so i had forgotten all about my white one. 

 Yes i know I'm weird and accessorise my watch with what colour I'm wearing at the time! But when you think about it, in summer you wear light colours. So i wear a white watch! Crazy!

Well when i saw this cool skull bracelet go online at work it reminded me i needed some sort of arm candy to go with my white watch. 

i know what is going to happen, i'll wear it for awhile and just forget about it. That happens a lot with my jewellery, i think i get too lazy to put it on?


I know, another new purchase, but i couldn't help it when i saw this wallet! Its my new favourite item, till the next purchase. But i am in love with this new Mimco wallet. 

Its more of a travel wallet which i thought when buying it, that it will come in handy when i want to go on holidays. So it isn't really a wasteful purchase, because i am going to go on holidays and i can use it then!


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Neon Harts and Leather Pants

All i needed was another pair of shoes, says the girl with too many that she is now stacking some in the lounge room. But on the plus side they coincidentally complement my new outfit! 

I thought i was happy with my leather leggings, but when i saw these leather pants by Subtitled, they totally trump the leggings. 

And obviously when your trying clothes on in this case pants, you need a top to try it on with. Well i actually found several tops to try on and ended up loving them all! But i made the mature decision to eliminate 4, as buy 5 tee's kind of seemed like i was over doing it.

It came down to this dip dyed leopard muscle tee by Neon Hart, and a white ripped tee by Ksubi. I think i'll just go back next time to get the Ksubi one!

 Both the leather pants and tee can be found at General Pants Co.


Thursday, 2 August 2012

C&M Camilla and Marc Spring 2012

 'Coachella Valley' is the first range in C&M Camilla and Marc new diffusion line. 

Their inspiration was taken from summer music festivals. It's very chilled and relaxed, with the odd cute quirk here and there. 
The label has more of a youthful feel to it and is a lot more casual compared to the label's mainline. 

As Camilla and Marc's mainline is price pointed quite high for most of us, the C&M line will have pieces in the range available between $90 - $320.

The new collection can be found in David Jones and is also available on Camilla and Marc's online store.

I will definitely be looking out for their new range next time I'm out shopping, i love a couple of the prints and the relaxed shorts are on my wish list!

Images from Oyster Magazine