Sunday, 5 August 2012

Neon Harts and Leather Pants

All i needed was another pair of shoes, says the girl with too many that she is now stacking some in the lounge room. But on the plus side they coincidentally complement my new outfit! 

I thought i was happy with my leather leggings, but when i saw these leather pants by Subtitled, they totally trump the leggings. 

And obviously when your trying clothes on in this case pants, you need a top to try it on with. Well i actually found several tops to try on and ended up loving them all! But i made the mature decision to eliminate 4, as buy 5 tee's kind of seemed like i was over doing it.

It came down to this dip dyed leopard muscle tee by Neon Hart, and a white ripped tee by Ksubi. I think i'll just go back next time to get the Ksubi one!

 Both the leather pants and tee can be found at General Pants Co.


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  1. you have a serious case of the shopping bug :p im jealous!