Wednesday, 8 August 2012

White Skulls & Mimco

I had been looking for something to wear with my white watch for a while, as i usually wear my black watch all the time. Plus wearing black bracelets is just too easy so i had forgotten all about my white one. 

 Yes i know I'm weird and accessorise my watch with what colour I'm wearing at the time! But when you think about it, in summer you wear light colours. So i wear a white watch! Crazy!

Well when i saw this cool skull bracelet go online at work it reminded me i needed some sort of arm candy to go with my white watch. 

i know what is going to happen, i'll wear it for awhile and just forget about it. That happens a lot with my jewellery, i think i get too lazy to put it on?


I know, another new purchase, but i couldn't help it when i saw this wallet! Its my new favourite item, till the next purchase. But i am in love with this new Mimco wallet. 

Its more of a travel wallet which i thought when buying it, that it will come in handy when i want to go on holidays. So it isn't really a wasteful purchase, because i am going to go on holidays and i can use it then!


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