Sunday, 30 December 2012

Getting ready for New Years?

Portmans 2012 Sequinned Summer Party Dress

Are you all getting ready to party? 

It's New Years Eve tomorrow, and I'm sure every girl out there is frantically trying to decided what to wear to see in the New Year! Unless your smart and already organised what your doing and wearing then i say hooray for you. 

I like the last minute rush/panic, its kind of half the fun really. But this outfit can be my back up if all else fails!

This beautifully sequinned dress was purchased from Portmans. I know, surprising to find there but i just love the colours, the white with salmon pink, bright orange and the contrast of grey.

I have layered it with a casual denim shirt and ankle boots, as thats just more me. But if you were attending a dressy event, a pair of stilettos, wrist-fulls of bracelets and a clutch will complete the look just nicely.

Hope you all welcome the New Years in style.


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

My Merry Christmas 2012 - Outfit & Gifts

I hope you all have a lovely and amazing Christmas, whether it be beautiful and sunny...or thunderstorms and rain like it is here!

Did Santa spoil you? Did you stuff yourselves silly on Christmas feasts? I hope so, isn't that the point of Christmas?

Well, i unintentionally dressed a little sexy for christmas, but i wanted to wear red and take my snazzy new heels for a test run!
The top didn't last long...i sort of spilt my lunch on it, whoops! I ended up popping on a jumper as it got a bit cold.


  • My outfit; top and skirt are by sass & bide. Shoes are from Wittner and are currently on sale!! 
  • Second image, is afternoon drinks by candle light out on my deck.

  • Third image, Christmas gift from Dad. Perspex clutch from Witchery.
  • Fourth image, Valentia by Valentino perfume gift pack. My gift from Mum.

I'm going back to what i was doing earlier, which was online shopping. Boxing day sales started a day early this year!! YAY



Sunday, 23 December 2012

Wittner New Season Studded Shoes

I purchased new flats the other week, i forget what i was actually shopping for? ... Oh, i was  probably trying to start my Christmas shopping early, but was clearly distracted and bought myself shoes!

Usually i will go into Wittner to just check out what on sale, but of course i end up with the shoes that aren't!

I'm usually not one for pointed toe shoes but here i am with a pair! 

Something different


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sass & Bide - Bra's - Bralets

They were that cute i couldn't decide on which one to buy, that i ended up purchasing all 3! 

They are great to wear under a loose low cut tops, or even the low side cut tee's. Show off a bit of lace, there is no harm in that, is there?

I was going to purchase sass & bide's playmans bra (image below) online, but i can't remember what happened. I must have been distracted and went to do something and then completely forgot about it. Now they are sold out and highly sort after. So I'm slightly devastated there. 

But If your after some of these bras that i have purchase above, they can be found at Myers.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Zara - Spiked Shoulder Blazer

A few weeks back i went on a shopping spree day with a friend, and i have to say this blazer from Zara, was probably my favourite purchase!

I'm not usually a 'studded' wearing kind of person, but this blazer is amazing. It's nice a long, has that boyfriend kind of fit to it, rather than the usual tailored shape i would normally come across.

Originally i was slightly disappointed with the clothes in Zara when it first arrived in Sydney. I was expecting to find armfuls of clothes that i would want to buy, as that is what happens when I'm overseas. 

They supposably designed the clothing targeted to the Australian consumer. Well that is pretty stupid, we buy Zara overseas due to the fact that it's fashion forward at an affordable price. 
That was the whole point of having an international chain here on aussie shores. 
But i will admit, from shopping when Zara first arrived compared to now, it has definitely improved.
ie: the blazer i purchased!

You would normally assume that to wear this blazer, it would be a dressier option. But I'm teamed it back with a graphic tee from Topman, and Bardot leather shorts. To keep the casual look going i wore my white sneakers.