Sunday, 9 December 2012

Zara - Spiked Shoulder Blazer

A few weeks back i went on a shopping spree day with a friend, and i have to say this blazer from Zara, was probably my favourite purchase!

I'm not usually a 'studded' wearing kind of person, but this blazer is amazing. It's nice a long, has that boyfriend kind of fit to it, rather than the usual tailored shape i would normally come across.

Originally i was slightly disappointed with the clothes in Zara when it first arrived in Sydney. I was expecting to find armfuls of clothes that i would want to buy, as that is what happens when I'm overseas. 

They supposably designed the clothing targeted to the Australian consumer. Well that is pretty stupid, we buy Zara overseas due to the fact that it's fashion forward at an affordable price. 
That was the whole point of having an international chain here on aussie shores. 
But i will admit, from shopping when Zara first arrived compared to now, it has definitely improved.
ie: the blazer i purchased!

You would normally assume that to wear this blazer, it would be a dressier option. But I'm teamed it back with a graphic tee from Topman, and Bardot leather shorts. To keep the casual look going i wore my white sneakers.


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