Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Shopping spree day - Topshop, Mango Fashion, Zara

With only 10 or so days left of my holidays I decided I should have one more big shopping spree. So today we headed to Trinoma mall, it's nice and open, big and spacious. It gets a big crowed on the levels with fast food / restaurants. And if your up for a bit of a walk you can head over to SM North and The Block which is where you'll find Forever 21. Trust me it is a bit of a walk!!

Back in our hotel, I took a few hurried pictures of some of the things I purchased today before rushing back out the door for dinner!

So if your ever just looking for a shopping/holiday trip I can definitely recommend coming to Manila. Not just because there is a huge mall in every suburb or even two. But your always getting a good deal with the exchange rate. So It doesn't hurt my credit card too much!!


  1. That's my part of town! (well used to)
    There was a time when there was still no trinoma mall so I was SM girl before :p the walk isn't that bad - lots of people but it's covered

    Did you try those milk teas already?

    How are the movie rates? Same with australia's?

    1. Yes I like shopping in this party of the city, and I also remember when there was no trinoma too lol

      You'd think they would have enough malls by now?

      And yes I had a chai latte, a bit different to how I have it at home but its still really nice! Movie ticket prices are way cheap than at home. I think at home it's around $15 for a ticket and I try and scam a student ticket when I can lol

  2. Oh and i love your outfit!

    1. Aww thanks its just a plain black maxi dress and a denim shirt that I got from forever 21!