Sunday, 24 March 2013

Solaire Resort and Casino Manila

The new Solaire Resort opened just before we got back from Singapore, and we had been meaning to visit. Mostly because every time I get into a taxi there is an ad on the radio about it!

So we finally found the time to head out to be all touristy and visit. Solaire is apparently the first of four resort/casinos that will be built out off Roxas Blvd in the new Entertainment City. It's also not far from the Mall of Asia (MOA) for all you shopping needs!

I definitely recommend a visit to Solaire even if your not the gambling type, you just have to go and be in awe if the size, and beauty of the place! Oh and the service is amazing, I was even given an offer to play in the private lounge!

And yes I won some money!

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