Tuesday, 30 April 2013

By Johnny - from The Iconic

I cannot wait to wear this amazing skirt from By Johnny! I almost wore it today to work, but I felt that I needed to wear it somewhere more exciting first.

I remember seeing the skirt advertised for their winter13 collection, and wouldn't be on sale till after Sydney fashion week. So I had been stalking out The Iconic to purchase this baby.

Plus how nice is The Iconic's packaging that arrives in the mail!


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Outfit lust - Autumn

Outfit post - Topshop Aztec print skirt

I am in love with this skirt, and it's one of the purchases I made while overseas.
Even though I normally wouldn't wear a high waisted pencil shape skirt, this one from Topshop has definitely changed my mind about them.

Perhaps it is the Aztec print combined with this style is why I like it so much. I mean picture this print on a short full circle cut skirt. It would just loose the boldness that this print portrays.

So I had some fun with it, dressing it down this a denim jacket and ankle boots. But can easily be worn out at night with a pair of heels, or even a coloured pair of heels. And balance it with a soft loose top.

Skirt - is from Topshop
White tee - from sass & bide
Denim jacket - thrift
Ankle boots - from Wittner shoes

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Acne Capsule Collection SS13

Just a few looks from the new Acne SS13 capsule collection.

It has an artistic abstract print on the fabric, mixed with a bit of an edge feel.

And I love the chalk printed snap back cap.

View the whole collection and more Acne Studios

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Off to work - morning sunshine

It's hard to tell in the mornings, is it going to be warm or cold? Trust me, that clear blue sky is deceiving!

I don't like this time of year, from April to September, it's just too cold for me. You do get the odd day where it's over at least 22 degrees celsius. But I don't particularly like any temperature under that!

Don't get me wrong, I love winter clothes....just no the weather!

So as you can see this morning, I've balanced out my ripped denim shorts with my Zara stripe top and Forever 21 khaki jacket. I'm prepared if its going to be warm and cold!

Well prepared for a day in the office that is....


Monday, 22 April 2013

Outfit fit for Sunday drinks - dress from Lucy in the Sky

I've been looking for a nice and simple cut leather dress. Most are too long for me, or just crazy expensive. So I unexpectedly found one which is affordable and fits.

This dress is by Oneway, and i purchased it from Lucy in the Sky, the online store.

It's not too long, with raw cut edge sleeves and I've just paired them with some ankle boots from Witchery and some classic Ray-ban aviators.

It gives you a chilled and relaxed look, perfect for Sunday afternoon drinks with friends.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Crazy cute craze - ear jack phone charms

Have you seen it?

If not, you probably will be. Cute and crazy little charms you can put in the ear jack of you phone, iPad, iPhone and what ever else has an ear jack plug.

A new way to make your smart phone more fashionable. Everyone goes out with a phone in their hand, and most will make a bit of effort into the type of phone case they purchase. Now with the ear phone jack plugs, it's upped the level of how fashionable or cute or crazy you can have your smart phone look.

You can find funny little characters, to crowns, bows, bunny ears, you name it there will probably be one! Even though they are fun accessory it does serve a purpose in a small way. It is to stop dust and dirt getting into the ear jack.

I have one in the side of my Blackberry and one on top on my iPad. I could help myself when I saw them and I know my friends found them cute and funny gifts that I gave them when I came back from my trip.

If you are still unsure what I'm going on about, trust me google ear jack plugs, and you will see!

I have a few left, so if your after one feel free to email me!



* please note the last 2 images are not mine. Thanks

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Flying Home - Manila to Sydney with Philippine Airlines

I think i can fit it all in, right?

Checking out from the Crowne Plaza Galleria.

 Bye Tita, till next time!

 Manila at night from the plane.

 The sun starting to rise.

 Flying over Sydney.

 Touch down.

It may not be a long haul flight, but i was seriously dead tired from this flight. I cannot sleep on a plane at all, no matter how tired i am. Which i frustrating, but i guess it means i can take full advantage of all the inflight movies there are!

Waking up on the day you know your flying home from your holiday is super depressing, I'm sure you may know that feeling of dread that you get, that its all come to and end. Going back to 'normal life' and the hum drum of work, but that is what pays for my trips, so guess work isn't that bad really?

But now it has now been three weeks since landing back here in Australia, i have already started talking about heading back to Singapore! And most likely Manila, just so i can go on more crazy shopping spree's. 

I have been too busy on the weekends catching up with friends ( and depressingly listening to them talk about their upcoming Europe trip), that i have only just uploaded pictures of my trip on Facebook. It is good to be home, sleeping in your own bed and not worrying about what i may be eating or drinking.

The only thing i don't like about being home is that it is cold here!!

We flew with Philippine Airlines this time to Manila from Sydney, and flying on the new 777 planes, i have to say are really nice and give you more leg room than flying on other aircrafts previously. 
So thank you for a lovely flight, PR211.

Till next time.