Sunday, 21 April 2013

Crazy cute craze - ear jack phone charms

Have you seen it?

If not, you probably will be. Cute and crazy little charms you can put in the ear jack of you phone, iPad, iPhone and what ever else has an ear jack plug.

A new way to make your smart phone more fashionable. Everyone goes out with a phone in their hand, and most will make a bit of effort into the type of phone case they purchase. Now with the ear phone jack plugs, it's upped the level of how fashionable or cute or crazy you can have your smart phone look.

You can find funny little characters, to crowns, bows, bunny ears, you name it there will probably be one! Even though they are fun accessory it does serve a purpose in a small way. It is to stop dust and dirt getting into the ear jack.

I have one in the side of my Blackberry and one on top on my iPad. I could help myself when I saw them and I know my friends found them cute and funny gifts that I gave them when I came back from my trip.

If you are still unsure what I'm going on about, trust me google ear jack plugs, and you will see!

I have a few left, so if your after one feel free to email me!


* please note the last 2 images are not mine. Thanks

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