Saturday, 20 April 2013

Flying Home - Manila to Sydney with Philippine Airlines

I think i can fit it all in, right?

Checking out from the Crowne Plaza Galleria.

 Bye Tita, till next time!

 Manila at night from the plane.

 The sun starting to rise.

 Flying over Sydney.

 Touch down.

It may not be a long haul flight, but i was seriously dead tired from this flight. I cannot sleep on a plane at all, no matter how tired i am. Which i frustrating, but i guess it means i can take full advantage of all the inflight movies there are!

Waking up on the day you know your flying home from your holiday is super depressing, I'm sure you may know that feeling of dread that you get, that its all come to and end. Going back to 'normal life' and the hum drum of work, but that is what pays for my trips, so guess work isn't that bad really?

But now it has now been three weeks since landing back here in Australia, i have already started talking about heading back to Singapore! And most likely Manila, just so i can go on more crazy shopping spree's. 

I have been too busy on the weekends catching up with friends ( and depressingly listening to them talk about their upcoming Europe trip), that i have only just uploaded pictures of my trip on Facebook. It is good to be home, sleeping in your own bed and not worrying about what i may be eating or drinking.

The only thing i don't like about being home is that it is cold here!!

We flew with Philippine Airlines this time to Manila from Sydney, and flying on the new 777 planes, i have to say are really nice and give you more leg room than flying on other aircrafts previously. 
So thank you for a lovely flight, PR211.

Till next time.


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