Sunday, 23 June 2013

Clashing Prints - Another Friday another theme

I think we are turning every Friday at work into themed Fridays!

Think of some strange or out there outfit that you wouldn't normally wear, and then head into the office dressed like that! It's all fun till you need to go out of the office for lunch or something!

Brainstorming on Thursday afternoon, clashing prints became our theme. It's all something we have in our wardrobe's, different prints, I.e florals, leopards, stripes, checks etc. so I wouldn't normally step foot outside my house on purpose dressed in these kinda of mixed up prints, but I do have to admit, it's not that ridiculously bad!?

Aww I just realised we forgot to get a group office picture :( oh well there's always next week!

What I'm wearing,
Witchery pants find them here
Topshop printed jumper find them here

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