Monday, 10 June 2013

New shoes from Wittner shoes

I was actually after a different pair of ankle boots, i think they had a bit more of a heel and different style of buckles.

But annoyingly my closest Wittners store didn't not have them at all?

Annoyed that it was the sole (lol excuse the pun) reason I went to the shops in the first place I ended up coming across these pretty cool looking pair!

When I tried them on in store I was wearing my little denim dress so naturally your think they look good with this, but you need to remember, what about the rest of your wardrobe?

If you find this happens to you, just let the staff know your going to take them home to try on with items that you regularly rotate in your closet, and I think it's about a 14 day return policy if they just don't cut it with your clothes.

Saves you umming and Ahhing whether the get them or not, and the possibility of nt purchasing them and coming back to find your size is gone!

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