Monday, 29 July 2013

Shoe overload

A weekend spending spree, which I swear was unintentional! 

But how can you say no to shoes? You can't ....

So I may have bought 4 pairs of shoes (5 if you count the Nike's i bought too) from my favourite shoe store Wittner Shoes. I never have any trouble finding a pair of comfy heels or ankle boots in store. They are alway made from good quality leather and i find the fit for me really good.

The staff there are so lovely and happy to help, as one pair of previous shoes a leather strap broke! So the girls are arranging to get a new pair sent out for me! Not may shoe stores will do that for you.

So I may have gone overboard but don't worry I will wear them some point.

Trying to decide which ones to get... 

Love the chevron black and white print, I thought that they are kinda quirky and would dress up a plain outfit!

And this is where i decide I can't decide which ones to get, so I bought them all....oops!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Outfit post - MLM Moss tee

I was on a mission to find one of these sort after MLM tops!

It took me awhile and I did give up at one point, they were sold out on their online store but you could pre order one, eventually found it on this lovely little site called Teal and Tala, and it came with fast free shipping!

Yesterday was a warm enough day that I didn't have to wear a jacket, which was perfect because what's the point of wearing a tee that has a print on the back, and then you just cover it up?

I've paired this top with my comfy and light weight check pants from Witchery and to keep it casual but sporty looking I wore my white sneakers.

Top purchased at
Check pants can be found at -

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A healthy weekend - making healthy snacks

.I find I have more time on the weekends to consciously make an effort to make healthy snacks, rather than grab a packet of chip.

Not that I overly eat unhealthy or binge on junk food, and I don't have a sweet tooth. But I suppose I am more aware now of what I eat rather than when I was younger.

I can be pretty lazy and lethargic but if I can make a tad of an effort on weekend I'm sure anyone can!

Below are some snacks I had over the weekend.

Did you know eating cherries can improve sleep?

Brown rice cakes with natural peanut butter and banana.

Natural wraps made from organic flour, light coon cheese, avocado, mix bag of lettuce, barbecue chicken and homemade dressing.  

Decided to throw in some carrot.

You can also toast your wrap in a sandwich press.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Outfit post - Ripped at the knee..

So i found a pair of jeans when cleaning out a shelf in my wardrobe, to my surprise they were distressed denim with a rip at the knee. Perfect! I definitely just saved myself some money as I had intended on purchasing a new pair of ripped jeans.

Ripped denim and a chunky knit seem to be my staple for winter. If you threw in a stripped shirt I'd be in outfit heaven!

So I suggest you go digging in your own wardrobes, you never know what you may find? If you find an old pair of jeans that are too comfy and fit well to throw away, you could always do a bit of DIY on them to give them that distressed look that's currently trending. 

Grab scissors or a razor, and bit of fine sand paper should do the trick. On the plus side if you kind of ruin them, you can just turn them into denim cut off shorts ready for summer!

My black knit is from Witchery
Ripped denim by Wrangler
Bag from Lucy in the Sky online

Quick while everyone is getting fit....

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Casual Sunday - outfit post

So happy that there is sunshine, and I have time to enjoy it!

Carrying on with my addiction to stripes, wearing my Country Road striped shirt, Topshop leather vest and jeans by Witchery.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Dior nail polish - gel coat

I had heard about this gel coat polish from Dior, but i constantly forgot to visit the Dior counter of my local department store. Usually I'm distracted by the clothing section instead of wandering over to cosmetics, anyway I purchased it last week and I have to say it is pretty amazing. It's like getting the shellac nails or gel nails done at the salon!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Outfit post - Country Road Printed Pants

I think I have a thing for printed pants?

Usually I'm not a pink person but I instantly loved the print, so I can over look the pink issue.

Styled with my Sportsgirl knit which I got on sale, amazing! I think what I love the most is they can be worn in the summer months too! I'm thinking a white tee, and if its a bit cool-ish I can layer over a denim shirt.