Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A healthy weekend - making healthy snacks

.I find I have more time on the weekends to consciously make an effort to make healthy snacks, rather than grab a packet of chip.

Not that I overly eat unhealthy or binge on junk food, and I don't have a sweet tooth. But I suppose I am more aware now of what I eat rather than when I was younger.

I can be pretty lazy and lethargic but if I can make a tad of an effort on weekend I'm sure anyone can!

Below are some snacks I had over the weekend.

Did you know eating cherries can improve sleep?

Brown rice cakes with natural peanut butter and banana.

Natural wraps made from organic flour, light coon cheese, avocado, mix bag of lettuce, barbecue chicken and homemade dressing.  

Decided to throw in some carrot.

You can also toast your wrap in a sandwich press.

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