Sunday, 21 July 2013

Outfit post - Ripped at the knee..

So i found a pair of jeans when cleaning out a shelf in my wardrobe, to my surprise they were distressed denim with a rip at the knee. Perfect! I definitely just saved myself some money as I had intended on purchasing a new pair of ripped jeans.

Ripped denim and a chunky knit seem to be my staple for winter. If you threw in a stripped shirt I'd be in outfit heaven!

So I suggest you go digging in your own wardrobes, you never know what you may find? If you find an old pair of jeans that are too comfy and fit well to throw away, you could always do a bit of DIY on them to give them that distressed look that's currently trending. 

Grab scissors or a razor, and bit of fine sand paper should do the trick. On the plus side if you kind of ruin them, you can just turn them into denim cut off shorts ready for summer!

My black knit is from Witchery
Ripped denim by Wrangler
Bag from Lucy in the Sky online

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