Sunday, 9 March 2014

Singapore travel diary - part 1

So this is the first time flying international by myself. So naturally I'm going to panic ... But surprisingly not as much as I though I would. I was pretty chilled the whole time (thanks Sydney airport for the extra security checks lol). 

But that was the easy part getting on a plane, eating food and watching movies. I still had to find and meet up with my cousin (who i'd never met in person). So the nerve wrecking wait for her flight that landed after me, worked out all two easy! (Spot the British chick amongst a bunch if Asians). 

We arrived at our hotel around 7.30pm. This is where we would be staying for the first 5 days of our one week adventure in Singapore. 

The beautiful Shangri-la Rasa Resort on Sentosa Island, which I highly recommend. With its private beach, huge pool and exceptional service from the hotel staff. I will definitely stay here again next time I visit Singapore.

Naturally our first day there we hit the beach and the pool, and I'm pretty sure I got a tan than will last me till next summer. So remember to reapply your sunscreen guys!!


After we exhausted our selves at the pool and beach we decided to head to the aquarium, as we didn't want to be too lazy on our holiday. 

We spent hours wandering around the ocean park. In my second image the viewing tank is that huge I couldn't get it the whole thing in one picture. Trust me I tried several times! 

You find yourself staring into the tank mesmerised, trying to absorb everything your seeing and grasping the scale of it all. Definitely the best aquarium I've visited!!

If you do head to Singapore the ocean park and universal studios are all within walking distance of each other. Note* you will do a lot of walking!
If you are staying on Sentosa island there are free shuttle buses that will take you around the whole island. Each stop is a tourist hub, so it's a breeze getting around to everything you want to see.
Just keep in mind there can be lines sometimes, but a bus is scheduled to arrive every 10 to 15 mins.

Check with your hotel as they may also provide a free shuttle services to Vivo City which is their largest mall or off the island to Orchard Rd, which is a shoppers heaven! (Trust me). Taxi's are your other option they are easy to find and quite affordable.

More to come .....


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